6 Reasons Why Should Your Business Opt for Digital Signage Solutions

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2018, the tipping year for Digital Signage? Surely!

How important has Digital Signage become for Businesses?
We are in 2018, where all-time-round connectivity and digital screens of all sizes, seem to have become the norms. 2018 is also the time of ecological responsibility. Overuse of paper and ink is almost becoming a shame for businesses that can afford to do otherwise when communicating and advertising. From this timeline perspective, the use of technology for promoting brands, products and services makes very much sense.

Leave Paper… That’s for the older ones

Just think about it! Why should one invest in printing 120 A2 posters yearly (for let’s say: USD 7600/yr.)?
For almost the same investment, one can actually get a Signage screen that promotes and displays unlimited number of products, all through the year, without the hassle of printing and that of sticking/ unsticking the poster on the shop-window. Besides, the inherent features of Digital Signage ensure instant communication turnarounds, with the regular renewal of content, as and when it pleases or becomes necessary.

Digital Signage Totems in Brandstores

You might feel like Owning Your Own TV Channel…

Digital Signage solutions are definitely the right answer to these primary practical questions but there is more to it. Digital Signage is, today, a super-efficient and smart commercial asset. It can bring more to one’s business, like creating a stronger medium to tell about the brand’s story, boosting sales or creating additional revenue. It can be regarded as a super-loyal low-salary marketing agent. One who visually promotes, boosts word-of-mouth and communicates to thousands of potential customers, every day. On a larger scale, like with more than 100 points of sale, it is almost like owning a TV channel.  This gives you the power of broadcasting self-promoting content directly to consumers who are in consuming mode, while generating additional revenue with commercial advertising slots.

Recent studies show deeper adoption of Digital Signage solutions across multiple industries. In fact, Digital Signage is developing into a very promising sector. With growth standing at +14% CAGR p.a. (Source: PQ Media) Digital Signage Business is expected to reach an estimated $31,7Bn by 2025 global market value and around USD 2Bn for Africa alone by 2020. In Mauritius we probed the DOOH market to be at least USD 11.5M worth, based on estimated probable market shift from conventional to digital. It is the fastest growing niche of OOH (Out-of-Home) Advertising. SMBs are diving head up into it for one simple reason; Digital Signage is the perfect alternative response to costly traditional/ conventional advertising channels. But beyond the economical choice, lies the opportunity of making real money; a New Revenue Channel.

Here are, to our view, 6 main reasons why you should opt for Digital Signage Solutions.

1.      Digital Signage is limitless

The most common examples of small businesses using Digital Signage are coffee shops, fast-food services mainly. However these are not the very limits of Digital Signage. These examples are most often showcased, but any business can benefit from Digital Signage.

Digital Signage screens can have multiple profitable applications, as long as you know what you want exactly from them. They can be used to:

  1. Activate and/or Advertise your Brands and Products
  2. Promote specific Products out of your Inventory
  3. Inform your Customers
  4. Engage into Customer Loyalty Programs
  5. Earn MORE Money
  6. Boost and Incentivize Internal Performance, with planned communication for staff.

2.      NOW IS THE TIME! Digital Signage will be catching the potential customer almost everywhere…

From 14 minutes per week in 2013, customers will be exposed to Digital Signage based advertising for more than 56 minutes per week in 2018. This shows a growth of more than 400% by 2018.
The phenomenon is due mainly to the growing adoption by Shops and SMBs who understood that potential consumers seek real-time promotional information while on the go. Signage screens are now everywhere. In-shops, in shop-windows and even outside commercial outlets. And this is one main advantage on conventional media.

Beyond high costs, the great disadvantage of conventional TV video-advertising is that it does not inform the purchaser when the latter is mobile and on the go. And as we are all aware today, mobility has become the main feature of the millennial consumer, who even wants to elude conventional advertisement at home. With Ad-Skiping apps and Ad-blockers on their set-top boxes and desktops, especially when at home, consumers have radically changed their relationship towards advertising. This is definitely not the place where a 2018 seasoned advertiser would primarily invest.

3.      Digital Signage is sound and logical investment

In-shop window Digital Signage


Research states that digital signage captures 400% more views than static signs.

Meaning that a Digital Screen is the most efficient banner in an ultra-competitive world.

Digital Signage is part of today’s pool of connected technological solutions that offer more ease of use and better potential to generate revenue channels. Based on field surveys, both locally and overseas, shop owners who adopted digital signage screens vowed that they were very effective for business due to their appeal. Screens attract millenials!
Where paper and banners still have a certain charm and utility, digital signage is more versatile in many ways! Digital Signage has the ability to display various classes of content, either in static or interactive mode and are more engaging as such.

One signage screen can display unlimited number of products in an hour, a day or a month. It can display whatever is in stock and seamlessly promote specific products that need to get out of the inventory. When unlocked, Digital Signage screens become real cash makers.
For instance, under some advantageous conditions, Aetherion’s AEON systems can easily make Shop and SMB owners potentially and effortlessly earn $ 2 – $ 3 a day per screen. Over a year, for instance, this could sum up to a potential painless gain of $ 1800 for two screens in shop windows. Added to this his business will benefit from 1800 – 2400 hours of free self-advertising directed to tens of thousands of viewers per year per screen. Can conventional advertising channels beat this?

4.      You will definitely benefit from Digital Signage on multiple planes

According to a Nielsen Consumer Survey, stores using digital signage experienced up to 33% in additional sales.

However, the main feature of a returning customer is the trust he/ she places in your brand, products or service, not his wallet. You still need to build that trust and relationship through most-of-the-times costly campaigns.

Digital Signage is renowned to unexpensively give to brands and products, the strength they need to build such trust and relationship with targeted customers. The reasoning behind this assertion is simple.

The more a name is mentioned, the more a logo is displayed, the more a product is concisely described, the deeper the link with the targeted customers.

When properly communicated on a large scale, with appealing images and creatively relevant communication, a brand or a product can tell its own story and speak of its advantages.
This has been verified with social media networks, where consistently relevant communication have proved to enable sustainable product and brand differentiation. Digital Signage offers just that, but at real-market size, with physical market places where to immediately consume.

Actually, Digital Signage can become an extension of your Social Network communication plan by publishing and displaying what your Social Networks and Website are blogging about. This, of course, increases the reach to a wider audience, outside smartphones and desktops. In fact Digital Signage can help at optimizing campaign costs.

5.      You will exchange customer’s boredom for some exciting experience…

Today’s Number One edge of a business, is in its aptitude at offering the most exciting customer experience. This is what Digital signage is about, when it comes to in-store and storefront experiences. Actually, Digital Signage reduces wait times at checkout by as much as 35%, as reported by Digital Signage Today.

Digtal Signage for Waiting RoomsEven if its advantageous abilities are diverse, Digital Signage is obviously relevant to the following three sensitive locations: (a) Points of Sale, (b) Points of Transit, (c) Points of Wait.

Those three places have one thing in common. They are all places where public is made to sit or stand while waiting to be serviced and obviously, public does not want that! Nevertheless these are also places with constant consumer flux who would like to be entertained, informed and engaged with, away from boredom…

Digital Signage Screen adopters can turn waiting times to their advantage by offering curated entertaining, informative content and further information on side-products or partner-brands. They would turn their waiting rooms into places where public will feel like making profit of their waiting time.

Dentists and doctors waiting rooms are perfect examples. While patients are made to wait for consultation or admission, they can be informed on the best health practices, with entertainingly animated targeted graphics, films and at a lesser level, sound (remember that these places are usually not fit for audio messages except on emergency paging). They can also be kept up to the latest medical advances, treatment, or products.

Passenger Information Systems are also a good example where people waiting in a transit mode can have their waiting time put to profit. They can be entertained with newsfeeds, corporate information and advertisement clips while having a display of their remaining waiting time.

In some ways you will be running your show, like on your own TV channel, with your preferred targeted content.

6.      The Old Myths are Revolved

“Digital Signage is EXPENSIVE!”


In 2018, a screen and display that plays USB key-hosted adverts is available for less than one third of the prices that were practiced a few years ago. Where historical leaders have been keeping their old brand-linked pricing philosophy, new companies are proposing even cheaper, but yet very efficient, alternatives.

Today, any SMB or Small shop owner who wants to operate a signage player, has the liberty and capacity to do so outside commercial frames that have been set up by mainstream brands. As such Digital Signage has been made accessible on a more democratic basis.

“Digital Signage is EXPENSIVE and COMPLEX!”


Buying a Digital Signage is not the end. It needs to be optimally run and operated on an automated almost 24/7 basis. Actually this is where profitability dwells.

Before the arrival of cloud-based CMS services and SSPs, managing and operating Digital Signage screens were subject to their owners’ reactivity and proactivity. When it came to the updating content on USB Keys, it became a head-breaking hassle, especially when there was the need to update multiple stations on the fly… Like in bus fleets.

Technological costs are going down. Thanks to SSP and cloud-based platforms tariffs that keep nosing down, year-on-year, Mauritian companies like ABI and Aetherion can jointly offer ways to further minimize investment levels, with large scale network deployment.

Today, for less than $30 a month, companies like Aetherion Intl ltd can offer holistic solutions that include hardware, software and business models to any business, whatever the size. This actually suits particular sectors, like Healthcare, Hospitality, Commuting, Commerce and Corporates, with an exhaustive range of products and solutions.

What? You are still not there? No worries!

If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time to add digital signage advantages to your business. We believe that any business can afford Digital Signage. Even if you feel too small or too big to invest in Digital Signage, we have that kind of expertise to tailor-build profitable solutions for you. We are especially interested to provide you with the starting tools to set up a revenue making and sustained business project. That’s what we are very good at because;

We Stream, Engage and Monetize.

The Tail-bit

In line with our will to make our customers grow profitably, and as proof of our system’s power to cut marketing costs, we hereafter provide you with a link to an interesting case study. It is about how a Swiss Supermarket Chain brought its Marketing Costs down by 70% by using Digital Signage screens & Systems and specific in-house content creation. Have a quick read and get a clearer idea of how you could become a revolutionnary visionary of the sector. Here’s the link: Censhare Case Study

e have also in the past explained how DOOH (Digital-out-of-Home) is revolutionizing the Advertising markets. Here’s the link: WHY IS DOOH IS THE NEXT BIG THING…

Here are some key links that sustain our believes and optimism about Digital Signage. you should read them… even later if you want.

  • http://www.techedgegroup.com/blog/the-rise-and-rise-of-digital-signage-in-fashion-retail
  • http://www.reflectsystems.com/why-digital-media
  • https://www.digitalsignagetoday.com/blogs/10-key-stats-accelerating-digital-signage-adoption/

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